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At Pacific Specialist Healthcare, we place a high priority on the quality of care provided to our patients. Our hospital follows a set of measures to ensure we are always at the top end of the quality of care provided.

Our measures include:

Timeliness or promptness of service delivery

Our timeliness measure ensures our services are delivered in the fastest time possible. Several indicators are used for this measure which includes the time it takes for a patient to be seen by the doctor and turnaround time of lab results as well as many other indicators.

Equity measure

Our equity measure ensures we have favorable nurse-to-patient ratio, have certified and accredited doctors, have adequate electronic records management and have an overall favorable hospital capacity.


The effectiveness measure is used to determine how well our treatments and procedures are performing.


Safety of our patients and visitors are very important to us and this quality of care measurement tool ensures our safety levels are always top notch.